warranty cmt tools products

Warranty processing of CMT Products

General warranty of the C.M.T. products

Professional tools and other C.M.T. products they are made according to rigorous technical methods, therefore they are guaranteed free from material or manufacturing defects.

The guarantee primarily excludes the obligation to compensate for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the C.M.T. product. even in the case of breakage; even if this causes damage to people and / or things.

The guarantee excludes any compensation for direct and indirect damages. It must be considered excluded from the warranty, any damage resulting from improper or negligent use or in contrast with the limits of use dictated by the standards and / or reported in the catalogs and / or technical documents C.M.T.

The warranty is also excluded in the case of unsuitable sharpening, ordinary wear, incorrect installation or improper use. It is also excluded any compensation for damages, both direct and indirect, except in cases where gross negligence is detectable. C.M.T. undertakes to repair or replace the product, which is objectively examined by its technicians and, as a result of laboratory tests, is manifestly defective due to causes inherent in the production cycle.

Any claim for defects or defects in product quality, even if not apparent, must be submitted, under penalty of forfeiture, within fifteen days from receipt of the goods and exclusively in writing. The defect that should be highlighted later, must be reported immediately, with a detailed description of the conditions of use: in this case C.M.T. reserves the widest discretionality in decision-making regarding the acceptance of the complaint.

The product actually defective, must be sent free port to our office, only after the prior authorization to return, accompanied by detailed information on the use and the alleged causes of defect. In the absence of the above, the product will be rejected. C.M.T. is not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the products to the user and / or to third parties, things and the environment.

Warranty of the C.M.T electro-tools

C.M.T. It guarantees the purchaser of the product that if any components prove to be defective due to defects in material or workmanship within 1 YEAR from the original purchase date, C.M.T. will repair or at its discretion to replace the defective part for free.

The warranty does not apply to commercial use nor does it extend to normal wear and tear resulting from accidents, incorrect use or improper use.

If the product is faulty or requires a clear repair to get information on the authorized C.M.T. closer. The guarantee does not include any expenses to and from the user. If outside Australia, contact the C.M.T. closer (details below) for arrangements for repair or replacement of the product.